Setup of the WVMGRS Display at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show
March 28, 2009

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Photos and captions courtesy of John Waters-Heflin

8:05 AM: Layout designer Ben Bates with a few of the crew, Jeff and Alan
8:00 AM: Equipment cabinets in waiting for the "Start" signal for unloading
8:10 AM: The 30' by 50' area - the floor that is
9:00 AM: The layout is under way. John laying out the pond walls with Pat and Rich the tape measure crew
9:30 AM: We're moving along
9:45 AM: The main focal point Rack (geared) RR is being stalled by its maker Jeff Mitulla and Herman
9:46 AM: Geoff Cullison constructs the elevated Kiddie loop for Thomas' home for the weekend
10:00 AM: Rack RR nearing final install up to its second level. Dave (in club red) the rubber band man
11:15: Geoff with banding crew Fred pointing "there's one" to Dusty eying the situation at ground zero
11:00 AM: Mr. LSOL (Jon DeKeles) recording our progress
11:45 AM: It's beginning to take shape with burlap. Herman, Alan, Jack, Steve and Shel
1 PM: Bruce and Jeff contemplate the next step
High Noon: The feeding frenzy in the trailer at lunch. Pizza all around
Dave is asking Fred which one is best?
Jeff setting up the electrical
And more electrical

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